I like lists. So let’s do a FAQ!

When does this comic update?
As of now, Wednesdays and Saturdays. Updates will be twice a week as long as I can manage it.

Can I use this art for icons and stuff?
I can’t really stop you, now can I? Sure! A link back to the comic would be swell :D

Can I link to this comic?
Knock yourself out! It’d be cool if you could tell me your site, too.

Is this comic in print?
Yes!  You can currently buy signed copies of any books currently in print from my Storenvy!

Do you do all this yourself?
Yup. The story, art, publishing and website are all done by me! I’m kind of a control freak.

Your comic sucks.
Then you should tell me why! Send me an email at sarah.dill@distillum.com. No, really! Feedback keeps me on my toes.

Dude, WTF is with your obsession with Spinach Quiche?
…my precious

Who the hell are you?

Oh hey. I’m Sarah, better known as Pickles! I’m the creator, artist and writer behind Distillum. I’m a recent graduate of the Sequential Art department at the Savannah College of Art and Design where I earned a Master of Fine Arts. I’m a massive fangirl and crazy cat lady in training. You can also catch my incoherent comic ramblings on the SEQALab Podcast!

I’m also a honey enthusiast.