Robert Kane Gallo
DOB: October 3rd (age 26)
Hometown: Syracuse, NY

Naturally shy and introverted, Rob has a special talent that allows him to view glimpses of peoples and objects past through physical contact. It’s this talent, however, that causes him to be rather wary of people. Jamie is the only person he truly trusts, and the two share a deep brotherly bond. His current occupation is a freelance writer for local tourist magazines, but he still likes to play his cello, which he’s played since elementary school.



James Edward Cris
DOB: July 28th (age 28)
Hometown: Denver, CO / Syracuse, NY

The polar opposite of Rob, Jamie is friendly, outgoing, and very talkative. He often drags his poor best friend outside with him, usually to bars for a beer sampler… or two. Jamie and Rob have been fast friends since high school, and even went to college together for a bit. After Jamie moved to Savannah, he offered Rob a fresh start in a new town. Jamie works as a sound engineer for a local news station, a job he acquired due to his sharp hearing and nearly perfect pitch.



Kavitha Bahl
DOB: September 19th (age 25)
Hometown: Portland, OR

Known for being one of the only women that can pull of purple and yellow outfits on a regular basis, Kavitha is a very sweet and friendly young woman. She originally came to Savannah to study photography at SCAD, but it’s unknown what became of her art education. She currently works at Alondro’s Coffee, a local coffee shop, and when she’s not slaving away under a hot espresso machine, Kavitha can usually be found being a social butterfly among Savannah’s hip crowd.



Sidney Elise Marchant
DOB: February 9th (age 20)
Hometown: Savannah, GA

Apparently having similar powers to Rob, Sidney is not the type of girl to mince words. In fact, she’d rather punch first and ask questions never. She’s a local courier, and a brave one at that, using inline skates in a town where the streets are still paved in brick.



Rose Marchant
DOB: May 12th (age 63)
Hometown: Savannah, GA

A sweet old grandma, Mamee is Sidney’s paternal grandmother and her legal guardian. She is always quick with comforting words, smiles, and sweet iced tea. Mamee seems to be the polar opposite of her granddaughter, leading some to wonder how on earth such a terror could have come from such an angel.







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